About Us

Kaze Arashi ryu and their schools of classical Japanese martial arts opened in Queens, N.Y., in 1978 by Henri-Robert Vilaire. All branch dojo/clubs of the classical tradition Kaze Arashi Ryu, are operated with supervision by fully licensed (menkyo) instructors.

Our lead technical Kaze Arashi Ryu instructor, Henri-Robert Vilaire began training in this tradition in 1969, and currently holds the menkyokaiden level in all the arts and is presently the technical leader and advisor of this tradition. The leader of Kaze Arashi ryu organizational management and control is Krishna Sookchand menkyokaiden. The lead advisor and mentor of the Kaze Arashi ryu tradition is Kyoko Rooney.

We accept students from all walks of life, and we do not unjustly discriminate against anyone. However, training in the Kaze Arashi Ryu, a classical tradition, is demanding and the full curriculum is large. We train in earnest. Anyone who wishes to train with us should expect to do the same. You will find the rewards worthy of your effort.

This site provides general information about the arts. If you have any further questions, contact us by selecting the contact page.

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